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“DTS-60” & “DTS-60 Plus” Windows

After several years of research and development into thermal conductivity or “heat loss” through aluminium framing, Altec have developed a patent pending thermal barrier that offers minimal heat loss and therefore achieves superior thermal performance. The DTS window range comes at a choice of two thermal options. The “standard”  which is of a conventional window performance and the “plus” range which offers exceptionally low U-values. This major break through achieves an unparalleled “A” rating window using a standard double glazed unit, unlike others using a triple glazed unit to achieve this top rating. Both systems offer quality, cost savings, ease of assembly / installation and security in mind.

Compatible with other products, compliant with Document L for thermal transmittance and excellent weather performance.

Our DTS-60 plus window system easily achieves Document L and “BREEAM” environmental assessment method for buildings.